Best Washington Heights Bars for Whiskey

Best Washington Heights Bars for Whiskey

Washington Heights has plenty to offer to whiskey lovers. While most of these can’t be qualified as “whiskey BARS”, we’ve scoured the neighborhood to find the best whiskey cocktails available!  Lift your spirits and check out the best Washington Heights bars for whiskey!

Uptown Bourbon

3631 Broadway

Uptown Bourbon is a traditional neighborhood bar. Their liquor menu is extensive and also has a great selection of bourbons and cocktails. Their fine list of bourbons also includes Old Forrester, Noah’s Mill, Buffalo Trace, and many others. Some of their original cocktails are also prepared with whiskey. For example, the Manhattan mixes bourbon with sweet vermouth and bitters. The sweeter Berry Lemonade cocktail has berries, lemon, and demerara syrup. You can also opt for something a bit more simple like the Mint Julep which has only mint and sugar. The bartenders at Uptown know how to make a mean cocktail and always provide friendly service. Sit by one of the big windows and also enjoy some of the prime people watching on Broadway.

Best Washington Heights Bars for Whiskey

The Honeywell

3604 Broadway

This groovy basement level cocktail bar is a local time-machine you’ll want to visit to re-live (or first experience) the 1970s. Enjoy the best of Motown and peruse through their wonderful cocktail menu. Try the “Hard Puncher”, made with Japanese whiskey, dry curacao, fortified wine, amaro and mole bitters. Or the “Barnyard Punch”, made with bourbon, lemon, gentian liqueur, celery bitters and raw sugar.

Best Washington Heights Bars for Whiskey

Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar

4463 Broadway

This cozy bar runs happy hour from 3pm to 8pm every weekday. They also do awesome whiskey and beer specials on Wednesday nights. Locksmith is a great place to enjoy a juicy burger to go along with your drink. The menu offers unique dessert creations that are also prepared with liquor. The baked apple hot cider with whiskey and a cinnamon stick to get your swirling on is nothing short of heavenly. The extra-sized TV’s and the rustic decor make it the perfect place to catch up on some sports with friends. Locksmith is bound to be your hang out spot this winter!

Best Washington Heights Bars for Whiskey

Pocion Lounge

704 W. 177th Street

Pocion Lounge serves one-of-a-kind drinks that are handcrafted and also contain medicinal properties. There’s no other bar of its kind in Washington Heights. Their whiskey-inspired organic cocktail called Ginger Elixir is a must-try. It has Irish whiskey, demerara syrup, lime juice, pressed ginger, peychaud bitters, avocado leaf, clove tincture, and sparkling water. The mixicologists at Pocion show an artisan mastery towards their craft. Drinks are only $5 during happy hour which runs from 5pm to 8pm. Come in during happy hour and also try some of the appetizers from the Latin inspired all-Vegan menu.

Best Washington Heights Bars for Whiskey

Bar 180

4241 Broadway

Bar 180 defines itself as an authentic neighborhood sports bar. Their happy hour takes place every day of the week from 12pm to 8pm. House drinks are $5 and this includes whiskey and also rum, gin, and vodka. Their signature Honey Baller cocktail is also a fine choice for any whiskey lover. It’s prepared with Honey Jack Daniels, lemon juice, syrup, and soda water. The ginger lemon cider is also pretty delicious. Bar 180 is a great place to just kick back and enjoy your leisure time away from work. Make the most out of the cozy and casual atmosphere at one of Washington Heights’ best kept secrets.

Best Washington Heights Bars for Whiskey

Columbia Wine Co.

4038 Broadway

Though Columbia Wine Company does not exactly fit in the bar category, it is an uber cool liquor that often hosts whiskey and wine tastings. The store also always has some type of sampling on different spirits going on. They have a great selection of bourbon, scotch, rye, and other type of irresistible libations. The staff is always eager to help. They’re very knowledgeable and will help you discover new drinks based on your taste preferences alone. The whiskey selection is also fantastic. You can find every type of whiskey available such as straight, japanese, irish, corn, canadian, and blended amongst many others.

Best Washington Heights Bars for Whiskey

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