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Mariya G.

Buyer Testimonial

I was fortunate to have the pleasure of working with Zara Amor to find my first home. More than a real estate broker, Zara quickly became my sounding board, a confidante, and ultimately a friend. She was able to adapt to my preferences very quickly; she filtered though properties very efficiently and only brought apartments to my attention that she knew would fill my stringent qualifications. Like most NYC real estate pursuits, mine was also filled with several inevitable offers that fell through. When I was close to giving up and waiting for the real estate market to cool down,  Zara brought an apartment to my attention that she confidently claimed I needed to see. This apartment ultimately became my first one-bedroom thanks to Zara. Her resolve, professionalism, and good judgement are second to none amongst real estate brokers!


Mariya G. 6/21/2015
Patricia M Tsai

Buyer Testimonial

As a landlord of several rental units, I’ve done business with Mike in the past. I found him to be an incredibly effective broker who is young, attentive, observant and discreet. So when I was ready to invest in a new property, Mike was the first person who came to mind because I thought his proactive approach would keep me focused on my goal and, fortunately for me, my intuition was correct.

During the property hunting period, Mike kept me motivated by providing me detailed listings and a broad range of available condos on a regular basis. While showing properties of interests, Mike was always patient, courteous, and attentive. Mike is a quick study. He figured out in a very short time what held me back as a purchaser and towards the end, his research produced nearly perfect custom-made listings of properties conforming to my ideal conception of a condo, which saved me a tremendous amount of time and energy.

In appraising the listing price of a prospective property, Mike was prompt to provide the sales history of comparable apartments in the building upon request. When I was ready to make an offer, he provided me highly informed professional advice on what would be a reasonable offering price. Thanks to Mike, I found my dream condo and would highly recommend him to anyone. In fact, I have already done so to many of my friends and acquaintances.

Patricia M Tsai January, 2013

Buyer Testimonial

Mike Mishkin is good at what he does, and with his help, I landed the apartment of my dreams. Not one to praise lightly, I am a skeptic at heart who was also a 100% newcomer to the Manhattan apartment market. In the beginning I was at a loss as to where to begin and who to consult … so I did research. And more research. Until finally a compelling list of positive reviews on led me to Mr. Mishkin.

Although Mike’s specialty is NYC’s Upper West Side, fortunately for me his knowledge of the market and broker expertise also extends to the East Side of Manhattan, which is where my search was centered. Initially in the market for a condo, at Mike’s recommendation I began to consider co-ops as well – and good thing, because a condominium is what I eventually ended up buying.

Every step of the way, Mike was informative, upbeat and – perhaps most importantly –always available by phone, text or email. As a first-time homebuyer I definitely appreciated his accessibility, as well as his thorough responses to all my questions, however trivial. Because anxiety is part-and-parcel to the process, and Mike gets this! So give him a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Sheila Goldman April, 2014

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