Private Schools in Washington Heights

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The school year’s quickly coming down to a close but it’s never too early to get started on the fall admissions process. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide to private schools in Washington Heights. Each one of the schools listed below offer different curriculums and approaches to learning according to their religious affiliations. Narrow down your search and find the best match for your child by reading this guide of private schools in Washington Heights.

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Public Schools in Washington Heights

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There are many public schools in Washington Heights and it can be difficult to sort out the differences between them. Each one takes a specialized approach to learning and comes with a different set of programs. We’ve cut out the work for you and compiled a guide to all of the public schools in the neighborhood. Read below to find out which ones have the potential to be the best match for your kid!

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Columbia University Medical Center

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Columbia University Medical Center is located in the heart of Washington Heights at 630 W. 168th St. The campus is connected through a series of buildings that stretch along the blocks from W. 165th St. to W. 169th St and from Riverside Drive to Audubon Avenue. Columbia’s medical center leads the nation when it comes to scientific discoveries, research, medical education, and community service. Find out more about the school’s remarkable history by reading below.

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The Historic District of Hamilton Heights

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Hamilton Heights is a small but charming sub-division of Washington Heights. It’s brownstone-lined streets and culturally rich history are ideal for those who wish to find a quiet place without leaving the city behind. Hamilton Heights is home to renowned cultural institutions, beautiful parks, and the lovely Sugar Hill district. Find out more about this historic neighborhood by reading on!

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Cultural Institutions of Washington Heights

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Each Washington Heights institution below offers the opportunity for visitors to explore a world beyond their own, whether it is through art, film, or storytelling. Every neighborhood in NYC is jam-packed with cultural attractions and Washington Heights is no exception. The diversity and rich history of the area is reflected in each one of the locations below.

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