Landlord Testimonials


Landlord Testimonial

It was a pleasure to work with Danny. He is a true professional and did exactly as we asked in looking for tenant. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I will call Danny next time we have an apartment for rent. He is incredibly efficient and very considerate, working with Danny was so easy.


DH 6/19/2015
Deborah Noland Witerington

Landlord Testimonial

I own a co-op on the Upper West Side and have had Zara rent my apartment twice now. Zara is a friendly, energetic, organized young lady that makes the subletting process (which is typically very stressful truly stress-free). She works for a great and supportive company that has an office just a block away, and they specialize on the Upper West Side which I like. I would recommend Zara Amor and Love Where You Live Realty” without hesitation!

Deborah Noland Witerington September 2015

Landlord Testimonial

Mike is a consummate real estate professional . His passion for the upper west side and the people who live there is unprecedented. As a building owner I was very well represented and would have no problem recommending Mike and his company. I have no doubt that I will be using him again in the future.

Perry Lindardos 12/4/2014

Landlord Testimonial

I think Danny answered my craigslist “For rent by owner” ad, and I like to give people a chance being that I started out as an agent myself. Usually they are only eager to get in the door and then fall off, so no contracts here.

The words I am choosing are the reason I think Danny did the job so well: he was energetic, detailed, communicative, personable, and he followed up! Not only did he have prospects, but he kept working it, even though it was a fifth floor walkup. I try to help provide the tools for a broker to succeed but it is up to him to sharpen those tools and use them effectively and bring in what they need to and Danny delivered. I look forward to working with him again. He also seemed to have good office support and that is important to me.

N.M. July 24th, 2015
Erika T.

Landlord Testimonial

I own two brownstones on the Upper West Side, and Danny has been absolutely amazing in renting my vacant units quickly and for top dollar.  The tenants he has brought me have also been quality tenants, and they have been extremely happy with Danny as well.  Danny is naturally skilled in his ability to connect people with the right apartments, and I could not be happier with his performance.  I have recommended Danny to other landlords on the Upper West Side who also have nothing but great things to say about him!

Erika T. July, 2016
David Lan

Landlord Testimonial

I had the pleasure of working with Mike Mishkin to get my apartment on the UWS rented out under a short time frame and with ever changing conditions at the apartment (Visiting parents, different states of moving out, pending construction, etc.)  This was my first time working with a broker and I admit to a healthy dose of skepticism.

However, Mike and his team were very active, polite, and professional and in the end were able to deliver a long term tenant in the time frame agreed.  They handled everything and freed me up to deal with a plethora of other problems.

I think the best thing about Mike was his communication skills.  I could rely on him to answer my texts very quickly or take a call almost any time.  Furthermore, I could rely on him to communicate to prospective tenants exactly what I wanted.  There was no over-promising or wild expectations.  This was very reassuring since I was mired in other problems and knowing that I could get an update on the status of the apartment at any time from Mike was very comforting.

If you are looking for a broker who is personable, reliable, and with excellent communication skills.  Look no further.


David Lan 7/7/2015
Chris & Gladys McDonnell

Landlord Testimonial

We’ve been thrilled with Mike’s services. He’s rented many of our apartments, always quickly and has helped us avoid vacancies entirely. Not only that, but he has consistently gotten us higher prices than we ever have in the past. He is an excellent communicator and is extremely reliable, as he is always able to meet us at our convenience. He discloses everything about potential tenants and exercises great discretion in getting us the right people. We love that he lives and focuses on the Upper West Side – this just makes it very convenient for us. I would highly recommend Mike to any property owner on the Upper West Side.

Chris & Gladys McDonnell April, 2013
Suzy Borget

Landlord Testimonial

Mike Mishkin works incredibly fast! He’s consistently brought us qualified tenants as soon as we list an apartment, and I can confidently say I have never met a broker who worked as efficiently as he does. He’s very responsive and knows how to get deals done. He is a natural in marketing and he makes himself available at the drop of a hat. And he has so many relationships with prospective renters in the neighborhood, that he usually has people for us before he even sees our units! I would recommend him to any landlord or owner looking to list their property on the Upper West Side.

Suzy Borget January, 2013
Anne Burke

Landlord Testimonial

Mr. Mishkin produced several qualified candidates for my rental apt in a tight time frame. He is able to think strategically and creatively about the features and benefits of a property and make suggestions accordingly. I would use his services again.

Anne Burke March, 2013
Josephine Wang

Landlord Testimonial

Daniel is a warm, friendly, and efficient real estate agent. He made the topsy-turvy process of renting out my apartment in Manhattan as easy as a breeze. In a very short time span, he helped me and my family get the job done. Brilliant. I highly recommend him.

Josephine Wang August, 2014
Lynette B.

Landlord Testimonial

The biggest asset in my transaction with Love Where You Live Realty was the sales rep, Danny Castillo. Danny is a natural, a terrific “salesman,” who nevertheless has an excellent sense of who will be happy living here and will also meet board approval.  He checks out prospective tenants thoroughly, invokes guarantors when they are necessary for the owner’s security, and quickly developed a sense of who I might be comfortable renting to.  He immediately arranged open houses both times, and was also quite willing to show the apartment to prospective tenants who hadn’t been able to get there, or only saw his ad afterwards. He even developed pleasant relationships with my doormen, and that carried over into facilitating showing the apartment, because the doormen’s resulting warmth made it clear what a nice place this was to live even before people had seen the apartment! Also, Danny doesn’t limit his outreach to NYC; he places ads for the property in several other cities, in search of people who want to come live here from somewhere else. Although I don’t know the firm’s other reps, Danny is definitely a superb choice.

Lynette B. September, 2014
Ivicos Sotirakis

Landlord Testimonial

As a landlord,I have used the services of Michael several times,in renting my apartments of a rental building I own.

I was mostly impressed with the speed of his response, bringing in numerous prospective tenants with fast results.

All the prospective tenants were well qualified, as he does his home work beforehand and that saves me a lot of headaches. He is an excellent communicator,and he understands the needs of an apartment to match it right.

He is talented in his work,and I have no reservations in recommending him.

Ivicos Sotirakis March, 2013

Landlord Testimonial

As a building owner I have met many qualified brokers over the last 15 years. After working with Mr.Mishkin this past year I can say without reservation that he is one of the best. He is a professional who goes the extra mile to make both the owner and prospective tenant happy. I found him to be a man of high integrity who works hard and produces results. I recommend Mr Mishkin without reservation.

John S. Galinos September, 2011
David Wolf

Landlord Testimonial

I manage a family-owned brownstone in the upper west side. I have used Mike as my broker twice this year and had excellent results both times. Both times he found a well-qualified tenant, willing to pay a competitive rent, and had signed leases within a week or two of the date I gave him the listing. He is hardworking, generates a lot of interest in his listings and delivers results. I would recommend him to any other property owner in the neighborhood.

David Wolf September, 2012

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