Recent Fall Photos of Fort Tryon Park

Posted by on Oct 25, 2017 in Locals, Other, Parks

Here are some sweet fall photos of the beautiful Fort Tryon Park! Please be sure to follow these uptown Instagram all-stars!

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Upcoming Events at The Armory

Posted by on Oct 18, 2017 in Community, Events, Family, Fitness, Giving Back, Locals

Check out these two fun events being hosted at The Armory next month!

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Washington Heights Churches

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These Washington Heights churches are not just places of worship. They’re architectural masterpieces that offer an awe-inspiring look into the past. The interior of many of them reflecting changes that have taken place in over a century. The religious institutions of Washington Heights reflect the rich history of the neighborhood. Take a moment to visit one of these uptown churches and lear their history. A spiritual journey is awaiting!

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Pictures of The GWB

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The GWB is statuesque and beautiful from every angle! It’s a long-relied upon mode of transportation, and a Washington Heights landmark as well.  Below are some pictures of the George Washington Bridge taken from my iPhone.  To get your full fix of Washington Heights photos, be sure to follow us on Instagram!

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A Brief History of Washington Heights

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Washington Heights was off to an exciting start from the very beginning. Amongst the neighborhood’s hilly landscape took place one of the turning points in the Revolutionary War. Ever since then, this green corner on the north end of Manhattan has attracted immigrants from around the world. Read below to learn about the events that have shaped one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the city.

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Washington Heights Hotels

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016 in Hotels, Other

Those looking to stay in Washington Heights have a few main options, from modern and luxurious to old and charming.  Here are four Washington Heights hotels to bookmark before your trip.

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