Inwood Hill Park

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Inwood Hill Park is a rare rural retreat in the midst of the concrete jungle that is NYC. It is the only naturally occurring forest in the city. The hilly terrain and wild landscape makes this park have an idyllic and peaceful feel to it that can’t be found anywhere else in Manhattan. The uphill location also makes it a great spot to see the rest of the city from a vantage point of view. Read on to learn more about this historic and intriguing park!

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NYC Snow Day in Washington Heights

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The beauty of an NYC snow day is a sight to be seen!

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Washington Heights Monuments and Statues

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There’s no better way of uncovering a city’s history than by exploring its statues and monuments. They’re unique pieces of outdoor art that provide a stunning glimpse into the past. Read below to find out what are some of the most iconic sculptures and memorials residing in Washington Heights. Who knew learning about the neighborhood’s rural origins could be this much fun?!

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The Historic District of Hamilton Heights

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Hamilton Heights is a small but charming sub-division of Washington Heights. It’s brownstone-lined streets and culturally rich history are ideal for those who wish to find a quiet place without leaving the city behind. Hamilton Heights is home to renowned cultural institutions, beautiful parks, and the lovely Sugar Hill district. Find out more about this historic neighborhood by reading on!

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Washington Heights Landmarks

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History, art, and nature come together in the vibrant streets of Washington Heights. The neighborhood offers plenty of scenic landmarks that blend urban living with the beauty of nature. Read below to learn all about the neighborhood’s must-do historic landmarks. How many have you yet to see?

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