Public Schools in Washington Heights

Public Schools in Washington Heights

There are many public schools in Washington Heights and it can be difficult to sort out the differences between them. Each one takes a specialized approach to learning and comes with a different set of programs. We’ve cut out the work for you and compiled a guide to all of the public schools in the neighborhood. Read below to find out which ones have the potential to be the best match for your kid!

P.S. 28 Wright Brothers School

475 W. 155th St.

Public Schools in Washington Heights

P.S. 28 serves as a District 6 public school to students in grades PK through 5. The Wright Brothers School strives to create a dynamic learning environment in which students feel challenged and stimulated at the same time. The small teacher to student ratio allows for teachers to devote their full attention to each and every student’s individual needs. P.S. 28 offers a dual language program that prepares children to be fluent in both English and Spanish.

P.S. 132 Juan Pablo Duarte School

185 Wadsworth Ave.

Public Schools Washington Heights

P.S. 132 is a public school in District 6 that serves to students in grade K through 5. The school opened its doors in 1905 and is named after one of the founding fathers of the Dominican Republic. Their dual language program in English and Spanish caters to Washington Heights’ Hispanic community. Students alternate between the two languages every other day and become avid speakers, writers, and readers in both. P.S. 132 also disposes of mental health counselors for children and their families.

P.S. 48 Po Michael J. Buczek School

4360 Broadway

Washington Heights Public Schools

This monolingual preschool has a strong sense of community that serves those students in grades PK through 5. P.S. 48 is housed in a spacious and clean facility that offers modern elementary school facilities. Their curriculum puts special emphasis on the arts such with music, drama, and gym courses so that each student can develop their creative side. The Michael J. Buczek School received the Pete and Carrie Roselle Award for their wonderful special education programs.

P.S. 115 Alexander Humboldt School

586 W. 177th St.

Washington Heights Schools

P.S. 115 is a District 6 public school that serves to students in grades PK through 5. The Alexander Humboldt School has a 12:1 student to teacher ratio which allows for the creation of a nurturing and tight-knit environment in the classroom. Their English and Spanish dual language programs encourage children of Hispanic immigrants to become fluent English speakers.

P.S. 187 Hudson Cliffs

349 Cabrini Blvd.

District 6 Schools

P.S. 187 offers a diverse and rigorous curriculum that serve to those students in grades K through 8. Children attending elementary school at Hudson Cliffs are required to have a library period once a week. The school’s core mission is to help each student become well-versed in different areas such as mathematics, science, and social studies. The teachers and staff instruct their lessons based upon the principles of discipline and respect.

Washington Heights Academy

202 Sherman Ave.

WaHi Schools

Washington Heights Academy was founded by a group of proactive parents in 2004. The school serves to students in grades Pre-K through 8. Their academic curriculum established a balance that allows each student to meet their academic goals while helping them acquire a confident sense of self. The school oversees a strong amount of parental involvement and is housed in a modern building with state-of-the-art amenities. Washington Heights Academy takes a child-centered approach to learning and prides itself on having a diverse and inclusive student body.

P.S. 210 Twenty First Century Academy for Community Leadership

501 W. 152nd St.

Uptown NYC Public Schools

P.S. 210 is a public school in Washington Heights for students in grades K through 8. The school’s mission is to help prepare each child for maximum academic success. The school measures each student’s academic performance through a series of assessments. Teachers at Twentyfirst Century Academy take a hands-on approach to learning and encourage their pupils to take a proactive role in the classroom.

Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School

511 W. 182nd St.

washington heights elementary schools

Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School, also known as WHEELS, serves to students in grades Pre-K through 12. Since opening its doors in 2006, WHEELS has helped students and families work closely together to ensure a successful transition into the real world. The faculty focuses on creating a nurturing environment for children where they can learn through their own curiosity towards the world. Activities and projects that involve visiting the city’s cultural institutions help them adopt a fun attitude towards learning.

P.S. 128 Audubon School

560 W. 169th St.

schools in District 6

P.S. 128 is located across the street from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and serves to students in grades Pre-K through 5. The school has a great selection of after-school activities and has received awards for its ballroom dancing and school wellness programs. The Audubon School offers accelerated classes and bilingual courses that instruct math in Spanish and reading in English. Parents are highly involved through the volunteer program and host various workshops.

P.S. 173

306 Fort Washington Ave.

Manhattan District 6

P.S. 173 is a District 6 public school serving students in grades PK through 5. This school has classrooms that feature modern amenities and state-of-the-art equipment. For example, the music room is spectacular and offers panoramic views of the George Washington Bridge. Their curriculum puts emphasis on the arts and after-school activities. Instructors teach students how to learn and navigate the world according to the basic principle of respect.

P.S. 189

2580 Amsterdam Ave.

Hamilton Heights Public Schools

The objective of P.S. 189 is to ensure each student’s success in and out of the classroom. They strive to create a nurturing environment where students feel confident in their capabilities to establish a rewarding professional life. The school’s core curriculum focuses on teaching lessons that help to develop the use of critical thinking skills. The classrooms at P.S. 189 are equipped with smart boards, LCD projectors, laptops, and even iPads. They believe that incorporating technology into learning is essential to strive in the 21st century.

P.S. 192 Jacob H. Schiff School

500 W. 138th St.

Harlem Public Schools

Jacob H. Schiff School is located in the heart of Hamilton Heights and serves to students in grades PK through 5. The school takes a theme-based approach to learning. This is done by taking students on day trips to learn about the ramifications of what they learn inside the classroom. P.S. 192 has a strong roster of after-school activities and children can join a club that suits their interests best. The clubs meet for one hour after the school day ends and some of the offerings include yoga, debate, music, and chess.

Muscota New School

4862 Broadway

District 6 NYC

At Muscota New School, students are encouraged to think outside the box while developing a healthy curiosity towards life. The school’s literature, architecture, math, and science programs are designed to make each child question their surroundings. Teachers at Muscota create a warm environment in which their students grow by taking a proactive role in the classroom.

P.S. 8 Luis Belliard

465 W. 167th St.

NYC Public Schools District 6

Luis Belliard is a District 6 public school that serves to Washington Heights students in grades PK through 5. It was named after the neighborhood resident of Dominican descent that became an leading advocate for education rights. The school was founded in 1995 and partnered with Children’s Aid Society one year later to become a community school that supports students and their families. At P.S. 8, each child is destined to make substantial academic progress.

P.S. 4 Duke Ellington School

500 W. 160th St.

wash heights public schools

The Duke Ellington School serves to residents in the Washington Heights neighborhood that attend grades PK through 5. They offer a dual language program in English and Spanish so that students can become fluent in both. The teachers at P.S. 4 do their best to ensure each student is on the right track by taking different approaches to learning.

P.S. 178 Professor Juan Bosch Public School

12 Ellwood St. #18

Hudson Heights Schools

P.S. 178 is a public elementary school that serves from grades K through 5. The school believes in a philosophy of inclusion towards children of different socio-economic backgrounds. Professor Juan Bosch School offers an ASD Nest program for high-functioning autistic students. Some classes combine children of special needs with general education children to create a truly inclusive environment. Their dual language program starts in kindergarten and aims to teach students how to write and read in both languages by the time they reach 3rd grade.

P.S. 152 Dyckman Valley School

93 Nagle Ave #121

upper manhattan schools

P.S. 152 is a public elementary school that serves from grades PK through 5. The school is affiliated with Children’s Aid Society since 1998 and offers tons of different programs for students. There are lots of after-school activities for them to join and some are also offered throughout the summer season. Teachers at Dyckman Valley take a discovery-based approach to keep learning fun and dynamic along every step of the way.

P.S. 46 Arthur Tappan

2987 Frederick Douglass Blvd

schools in uptown manhattan

The core curriculum at Arthur Tappan focuses on teaching each student strong critical thinking skills. Teachers expect excellence out of every student. They also expect them to meet their academic goals. They believe in a whole-child approach to education where instructors, counselors, and staff can work together to help every child become a well-rounded adult.

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